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viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Technology is essential, and is at the very basis of our visión.

How has the Mexican market developed during your time here?

When we first came to this market, it was not very mature, so the challenge was one that most big international companies faced—to increase our presence despite the lack of a formal security sector. At that time, security was just seen as labor. Most companies just hired a few security guards without any larger strategy. Since we acquired Pinkerton in 1999, we have expanded a lot. We have at least doubled our size in that time. And the market and industry have evolved as well. In some segments, the clients have more knowledge and more ideas about how to deal with security. This is still a market with a lot of potential for us and we see it as a bridge to connect our company with the rest of our operations around the world.

What role has Securitas played in transforming the private security sector here?

We want to educate our clients in order to change the way they look at the security industry. In the end, we need to reinforce our efforts to send the right message to the clients to change their idea on how to implement proper security services. The current challenge is to make security an established profession in Mexico. In many countries, being a security guard is a profession and a formal job, but in Mexico, that is still a challenge. We need to inform the public about the specialized nature of our services. A lot of our competition still comes from the informal sector, so one of our challenges is to demonstrate the benefits of working with a formal security company.


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